Has your home or office heating cut out unexpectedly and you need a short term solution whilst your main source of heating is being fixed? We offer a range of heating and power solutions to help keep you warm when you need it most. We can cater for a range of heating requirements, different fuel types and boilers.

Whether you’d like to hire equipment whilst yours is getting fixed, or for a short term for any other reason, we offer a range of temporary boilers for hire. Our modern, innovative and flexible range of boilers are easy to operate and we can even install them for you. If you’re not sure of the right system for your home or premises, we can talk you through the different options and identify what’s best for you and your property. We can supply temporary equipment at short notice and in cases of emergencies, to restore both your heating and hot water.

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From chainsaws to mobiles cranes to earth movers, we have it.

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We provide training, personnel and delivery as well as equipment.

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Public liability insurance for all equipment and personnel.

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